Create a long lasting tint and tattoo-like powder brow, skin stain effect. Brow Henna is a semi permanent skin stain on the eyebrow that lasts 7-14 days on the skin and 4-6 weeks on the hair shaft, it encourages growth by stimulating circulation, keeping the skin at ph level promoting normal function of the sebaceous glands whilst moisturising the hair shaft.  Brow Henna is 99.5% natural ingredients containing no ammonia or peroxides.

Available for blonde, brunette, auburn and raven-haired beauties.

We use products by Brow Henna Australia by Lash Sublime.

Brows are very on trend at the moment and let's face it, giving your brows a bit of definition gives shape to your face, so what's not to love?


Eyebrow tinting consists of applying a specialty tint to your brows to give each and every hair colour, depth and definition. It is essential to apply a brow tint with brow waxing/threading/shaping to make sure your shape is being enhanced in the correct way. You don't want bushy brows to look out of control or sparse brows to look even thinner. Tinting will last roughly 4 weeks on your brows and will fade away naturally to your original colour.


"Eyelash tinting, where have you been all my life?" Our clients often say how they don't know how they survived before discovering eyelash tinting. Tinting enhances each lash giving you a naturally longer and fuller appearance. You don't have to worry about mascara on a daily basis, tinting has you covered. No more mascara running down your face when you're sweating or swimming. Gone are the days of waking up with panda eyes. Tinting can be used on a daily basis for a natural look or you can add mascara and add a bit of va voom for going out.  Lash tints will last 4-6 weeks of wear and will naturally fade back to their original colour as your lashes naturally fall out.

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